Social media, graphic design, working with printers/manufacturers

Fall 2016 - present

Agathist is an accessories and apparel business that I co-founded in late 2016. I am in charge of all social media marketing, graphic design, and manufacturer/printer relationships.

Our main goals have been to increase awareness, promote involvement with craft fairs, and maintain relationships with artist and charity partners. As Agathist is based in both Los Angeles and Chicago, we strive for a fair balance of geographic representation, both in locations referenced and follower composition.

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Top rows: Example social media posts

Bottom eft: Business card design, front and back

Bottom right: Enamel pin design specs for manufacturer


Social media and graphic design

Spring 2017 - present

Aggregage is a B2B media startup that consists of over 35 websites focusing on a variety of professional niches, including B2B Marketing, Product Management, and Supply Chain Management. I have created the social media strategy for Aggregage and oversee a team of four that executes the strategy. I also created the visual identity and graphics for our social media presence.

Our main goals have been to drive website signups, white paper downloads, and webinar registrations. Since our strategy rollout in Summer 2018, we have seen an increase in all of these metrics across all sites.

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Top row: Social media visual identities and copy

Middle row: Webinar episode visual identities

Bottom row: Example social media posts

Other graphic design work and play

Isometric alphabet

Spring 2018

Intrigued by the isometric illustrations that I’ve seen as Editor of Aggregage site Product Management Today (those tech writers sure love that style!), I decided to make an alphabet in isometric style.

Logan Center for the Arts Kiln House

Spring 2015

Using Illustrator and Sketchup, designed a rendering and explainer reflecting my group’s final ideas in the 2015 “How to House a Kiln” class taught by Amber Ginsburg at the University of Chicago. The aim of the class was to design an auxiliary building to the arts building to house a kiln for the ceramics program.