I co-founded Agathist with Samantha Buck in late 2016. It started as a line of silly bee-themed t-shirts and evolved into a brand that uses humor to bring awareness to social and environmental issues. For each collection, we partner with a small, high-impact charity to whom we donate the proceeds. We have also partnered with several independent artists for the collections. Agathist now operates dually out of Los Angeles and Chicago. You can visit the Agathist webshop here.


Product development and inventory management

I design, source, and manage our inventory. This involves using Adobe Illustrator to create concepts, completing any handmade elements, searching out manufacturers that align with our budget and standards, and keep track of inventory levels across LA and Chicago. 


Social media marketing

Agathist's marketing strategy is primarily focused on its social media presence, which I manage. We currently have a reach of over 260 followers and each of our posts receive several hundred impressions.

booth setup.png


We've participated in the following events:

  • Renegade Chicago, May 2017

  • Renegade Chicago, September 2017

  • Renegade Detroit, September 2017

  • Remembrance of Lost Species Day, November 2017

  • Renegade Chicago, December 2017

  • Renegade Los Angeles, December 2017

  • Renegade Chicago, May 2018

  • Unique LA, May 2018

  • ENTITY Love Yourself Summit, July 2018

  • Jackalope Summer Nights, August 2018

  • Labor Day Busy Bee Popup, September 2018 (co-hosted)

  • Renegade Chicago, December 2018

  • Unique LA, December 2018

  • USC Femme Fest, March 2019

  • Renegade Chicago, May 2019

  • Bridged Beats Festival, August 2019

  • Fruit Salad Second Anniversary, September 2019